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The following are qualities the Trustees and Staff of The Malone Family Foundation favor when reviewing grant requests:

Maximum Impact - Our goal is to improve the lives for the largest number of people.

Innovative Solutions - The creativity and adequacy of the proposed action must be meaningful in the problem undertaken.

Long Term Value - The program or project must have longer-term value.

Superior Management - The capability of organization and its personnel will be evaluated in terms of experience, past performance and creativity.

Realistic Planning - The applying entity should be able to demonstrate its ability to develop meaningful and attainable objectives within practical timeframes and to operate within a predetermined budget.

Financial Capability - Programs and projects should be supported by realistic budgets and demonstrate that the entity has support from other organizations.

Trackable Results - The organization must have procedures in place for periodic program evaluation.

Reliability of Information - Grants will only be made where there is fiscal responsibility including adequate accounting procedures and an annual audit.