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The following are needs that fall outside the range of support by The Malone Family Foundation:

  • Programs or projects
    • That are not specific
    • Whose success or accomplishment cannot be measured as to effectiveness to the satisfaction of the Foundation
    • Where the exact use of Foundation funds is not specific

  • Capital Campaigns
    • Where exact spending of funds raised is not clearly defined
    • That appear to be without widespread use and benefit
    • That are only for short-term needs

  • Multi-year grants in general with some exceptions

  • Start-Up Funding or "Seed" Money

  • Annual Fund Drives

  • Membership Drives

  • General Operating Expenses

  • Operating Deficits or Retirement of Debt

  • Grants to Individuals

  • Any type of Political Campaign

  • Any Legislative Lobbying to Influence any type of election

  • Events (including but not limited to Banquets, Dinners, Award Events, Conferences & Festivals)

  • Awards, Prizes and Competitions

  • Scholarships (either directly or indirectly)

  • Athletic Programs, Bands, Educational Travel Programs, etc

  • Environmental and Arts Causes (except for science and arts education as part of youth development programs)

  • Films or Documentaries

  • Research and policy papers of any kind (including but not limited to medical and health-related research)